Driving Stepper Motor

Stepper motor is very useful for some robots to make their high accuracy movement. How to drive or control your stepper motor? Use this tutorial as your guide….

General Theory of Stepper Motors

An ordinary DC motor will turn around and around as long as power is supplied. No intelligent circuitry is required to drive such a motor, unless you want to slow it down or reverse direction – just apply power and it spins. A stepper motor is very different. If you just feed it power, it will stay where it is. In order to make the motor move, you have to feed it a changing signal. This is best illustrated by thinking of a magnetic compass with electromagnets around it:

Motor Stepper

Figure 2.7.1 Motor Stepper

The drawing on the bottom shows power applied to the N electromagnet, drawing the compass toward it. On the right, power is instead applied to the E electromagnet, and the needle has rotated toward that side.

Figure 2.7.2. Basic Stepper Motor

Just four electromagnets would give coarse jumpy motion. Now Read the rest of this entry »


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